Tuesday November 26, 2019
CRADLEY Heathens can confirm they will not be in league racing next season.

Discussions over the structure of the 2020 National League will continue into December but the club have confirmed they will not be at the tapes following the AGM.

The aim is to ultimately return the third tier to a junior development league.

Club director Chris Van Straaten represented the club and withdrew Heathens from participation in 2020.

He said: “Logistically it is not possible to stage more than one speedway meeting per week at Wolverhampton’s Monmore Green Stadium which Heathens used as their temporary base.

“The search for a new piece of land, which started back in 1995, has been unsuccessful with little or no encouragement going forward.

“We would like to offer sincere thanks to the British Speedway Promoters’ Association for allowing the club to race for a decade without a home of their own. This is normally only allowed for a three-year period.

“The club have set a new record for racing across 10-years without a permanent home track.

“However, with no prospect of a new site going forward despite the best efforts of club officials and supporters, there is no future at this moment.

“I can say as a team, including Gary Patchett and Nigel Pearson, we would not stand in the way of any future individual or group using the Heathens name should they be successful in finding suitable land. In fact, we would offer any help possible with advice on how to run a professional speedway club in these challenging times.

“We have been proud custodians of this wonderful club but readily acknowledge we have failed in the ultimate aim of a new track in the area.”

The club would like to thank the many riders who have represented the club down the last 10 years, as well as the brilliant fans, sponsors, volunteers and staff at both Wolverhampton and Birmingham and loyal team manager Will Pottinger.

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